Hire this front-end developer – Agencies

Do you have a front-end developer shaped gap on your team?

If you need a front-end developer to deliver everything you need and more (I’ll even spend time refactoring the tea) then look no further. Get in touch for details if you want to hire me.

I craft code to thrill users, impress clients, and make the web just that little bit better one day at a time. My skills don’t switch off at 5pm (the price for integrity is worth it) and my interest in the web is insatiable.

Contract, freelance, permanent… it’s all work to me

I’m really fortunate that the jobs market for developers is still buoyant. There’s a lot of people out there that don’t have many options when it comes to work. I’m of the opinion that if a project sounds interesting, and the team are pleasant, then it’s probably worth investigating.

I really enjoy working in an agency environment. The buzz of being around fellow web-cadets gets my juices flowing. I also enjoy working freelance, being able to adjust my schedule around the work as I need it. Both sides of the coin have perks.

What can you bring to the table?

I know it may seem obvious to say this, but I’m a front-end developer. I’m good at what I do because I haven’t spent years trying to learn back-end scripting languages like PHP and .NET. I’ve chosen to spend my time learning the intricacies of client-side delivery instead.

Back-end developers build engines, front-end devlopers take care of the aerodynamics. Don’t expect a plane to fly if it doesn’t have wings (and don’t trust a fitter, as brilliant as they may be, to design them).

So, no PHP then?

Short answer: some, but not as much as a back-end developer.

You may already know that I build sites on a freelance basis for private clients. I tend to use WordPress to build those sites from scratch, so it’s not that I don’t have a clue with PHP; in fact I’m actually rather proficient with it when I need to be, but the issue is speed:

  1. I’m not very fast at writing PHP compared to specialist back-end developers, and my PHP knowledge isn’t extensive
  2. Compared to other front-end developers I’m pretty fast and have an in-depth knowledge on front-end development

It seems like a no-brainer to me. I get my hands dirty if I have to, but I’d classify myself as a front-end developer with a lick of back-end knowledge (and the world is better off for it).

What about .NET?

I don’t know any .NET and don’t intend learning any either, so probably a waste of time asking, sorry.

Send me an email for an honest discussion about how I can improve your business