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Need someone to deliver the goods, without the big agency costs?

Nothing gives me more pleasure than taking a project from paper to results. I’ve got a background in graphic design and I know a thing or two about listening to your needs. That’s a dangerous combination right there (for your competitors at least).

Couple that with a genuine passion to deliver websites that utilise all the latest tech, I make sure your gorgeous new website will do everything you ever dreamed of and more.

Do I need a website?

Is this the 21st century?

Back in the day, you could make do with a bucket of tools and a decent reputation. Well my son, not any more. The issue isn’t that your reputation has taken a beating, or that your tools aren’t charged up, the issue is in the way people make decisions nowadays.

The web is the first place people look when they’re trying to find something. Everyone knows the expression ‘google it’. It’s a fact of life that if you aren’t on the web, you’re missing out.

A website is more than just an advert in a giant phone book called the internet. It’s about being reputable, being visible, it’s about seeing the experience from your customers perspective. If you aren’t being found by your customers, you’re missing out (and your competitors know it).

Investing in your tools is important, making sure you can do your job efficiently and in a cost-effective way. The same goes for websites.

There are five reasons why you probably need a website…

  1. to be discovered
  2. to establish credibility
  3. to generate engagment
  4. to get feedback from your customers
  5. to sell

Why not go to a super-duper agency?

 Agencies are wicked, but not always suitable.

There are lots of reasons to get into bed with a fully fledged agency. Maybe your needs are super-specialised, or maybe you like their style of design? Either way, if cost isn’t a problem, or you have a particular need to fill, then an agency is a route you should consider for sure.

However, there are plenty of things to consider first…

Cost is a big barrier to lots of people. Agencies don’t tend to be the cheapest option because of their overheads.

Flexibility is sometimes difficult to garner, especially at busy periods or when there are loads of forms to fill out.

Know thy designer, and save them to speed-dial. If your designer doesn’t know your problems, how can they solve them?

Beware of paying over the odds for getting locked into a system that restricts you, but that you depend on. I’ve seen it a hundred times where people pay big money for a corporate CMS, to later discover their data is locked away where no other developer or agency knows how to extract it. Paying lots for the privilege of being held hostage isn’t a fun experience. This isn’t always the case, there are lots of agencies who use open-source software for their clients (like me!), but think carefully about what happens in a few years time when you want to update your site.

What about a free ready-made website?

Simple answer, they’re sh*t.

Wait, that’s not fair, they have their uses I’m sure. If you have no money at all, and you don’t care about your customers looking at it and thinking “this guy’s a scam artist” then go right ahead and set sail for the land of the free.

If you care about your business though, you’ll want your website to not only look credible, but convince anybody who does a search to choose you over your competitor. It has to look good, and a free website will never look as good as one that’s had some good ol’ fashioned spit and polish.

Get the best of both worlds

It can be really stressful looking for the right website provider. I know this, you know this. There are lots of companies big and small trying to get your attention.

It can be pretty daunting sometimes, and that’s where I come in.

I make stunning, easy to use websites that deliver results so you can sell more. I have a face and a phone number, I don’t cost the earth, and I make sure you’re taken care of.

I will take you from zero to hero quicker and less expensively than a big agency, and make it look like you spent a million pounds on your site.

Send me an email for an honest discussion about how I can improve your business